12 Step Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards, Wallet Cards, Book Markers

Twelve n’ Twelve carries a large selection of 12 Step Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards, Wallet Cards, & Book Markers.  Celebrate and honor your recovery milestones.

We have a line of  12 step birthday cards that are sold exclusively at Twelve n’ Twelve. Our inventory includes cards for celebration of 1 year  through 50 years, as well as  greeting cards for AA, NA and Al-Anon.

Wallet cards offer lots of choices such as prayers, passages and slogans.   Keep  one or more of these 3.5 inch by 2.25 inch cards as a reminder in your wallet, purse, as a greeting card insert, or even on your bathroom mirror! Consequently, the possibilities are endless!

Use a book marker to accompany the 12 step recovery program book of your choice. Book marks are 2.25  by 7 inches in size.  Book markers have prayers and passages universal to most 12 step programs of recovery. Choose one with a glossary or index to the Big Book.

Both wallet cards and book markers are an easy way to have your favorite prayer, slogan or passage with you anywhere. Therefore, you will never be without some words of wisdom.  They are all laminated and last for many years.

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