Medallions & Chips

AA Medallions & Chips, tokens or coins are a thoughtful  gift for a loved one (or for yourself !)
Twelve n’ Twelve offers Medallions & Chips in many colors  to celebrate milestones in recovery.  Tri-plate, Silver plate, and gold and silver plate  designs are a beautiful way to acknowledge and celebrate time  for 12 step recovery milestones.  12 step programs include AA, NA, CA, ACA, etc.,  actually, the list is endless! Bi-plate, silver plate, triplate,bronze or solid sterling silver medallions are all available from our website.
Traditional  bronze medallions with the  AA unity symbol design are available  in up tp 60 years. Bronze designs specific to NA and Al-Anon….all with time on them. We also carry an extensive inventory of two-sided bronze medallions with slogans or pictures.

This is the place to shop for any chip commitments!  Plastic tokens  come with a 4 in. ball chain, so they are easily attached to a key ring.  We also have colorful aluminum chips that come in every month 1-11, plus years 1-10., 18 months and 24 hours.  We also carry the hard to find stainless steel keychains in newcomer thru 60 years.

Whether you have one day, one month or one year, as you can see, Twelve n’ Twelve is a great website to fulfill all your recovery needs.  Our prices are excellent and we ship daily.


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